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09/08/09 05:44 PM #1    

James W. Davis

A message was received from Sharon Ashbrook's daughter, Kim Hyer Chamblin. She is Sharon's only child. She would like to contact some of her mom's old classmates and friends.If you are interested you can contact her at Kim still lives in Worthington, Ohio area and does have relatives here in Chillicothe.

09/21/11 10:53 AM #2    

James W. Davis

I hope that we can use this message forum to keep in touch with classmates . If you need or know of classmates ( we have had 13 emails fail) emails , we hope this does not mean that they have left us here on earth. If you know of any who have changed their email addresses, please contact them and see if they would forward it to us.

Jim Davis---Nancy Grey--Dave Hough

08/04/15 11:03 PM #3    


Mike Armstrong

Rumor has it that some classmates are not coming to the 55th reunion because historically, some classmates acted rowdy and "uncouth". Who cares who acts up that way? I consider the source!!! Some people don't know their limitations.

 I'm coming 1200 miles at a significant cost and probably for the last time to see my classmates from high school. Rowdy classmates have nothing to do with me and I am disappointed that some of my "old"  friends choose not to socialize! How illogical!!!!  Mike   

08/08/15 12:52 PM #4    

Martin "Marty" Hydell

I am only coming 60 miles to see everyone but Your presence will be much enjoyed. Bring your Couth so you can be uncouthed.


08/31/15 07:42 PM #5    

James W. Davis

The Class of 1960 owes a great debt to Jane McKee Bumen and to Jim Bumen for their gracious use of their facility each time we have had a Reunion. Enough can not be said about the things they have done for this class. We will miss them in the years to come.

09/03/15 11:47 PM #6    

Nancy Grey

I would like to thank Ronnie Harper for all of your help both Friday and Saturday night setting up for the Reunion. I appologize that I left your name off the Thank You list. You were truly a great help. As I had said most of the committee was not up to par. So Thank you Ronnie Harper!

12/20/15 11:04 PM #7    

Susan Myers

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my former classmates a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoyed meeting meany of you and appreciate the welcome. For those whom I have not met but would like to correspond, you may request my e-mail address and I would be happy to communicate with you.

03/08/16 05:45 AM #8    

James W. Davis

A C.D.Benbow is looking for info on Jennie Petro's family. Any body have contact with family ?


11/26/18 10:35 AM #9    

Franklin Doyle,Jr

Happy Birthday to Mike Hough.

11/27/18 05:33 PM #10    

Mike Hough

Thank you Franklin. Had a wonderful day. Celebrated grandsons birthday day early as he would not be here for supper on his birthday. Great cake (I made) and ice cream. 

Also thank you to all the classmates who sent me their wishes.

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